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2019 Clayton Community Fair Champions


Overall Fitting & Showing

Grand Champion - Ryan Porter

Reserve Champion - Robyn Porter


Overall Fitting & Showing

Grand Champion - Kayden Coleman

Market Steer

Grand Champion- Kayden Coleman


Fitting & Showing Champion Class

Grand Champion - Parker Blais

Reserve Champion - Tessa McNitt


Fitting & Showing

Junior Grand Champion - Haley Baker

Junior Reserve Champ - Gracie McNamee

Intermediate Grand Champ - Regan Reedy

Intermediate Reserve Champ - Lizzy Addison

Senior Grand Champion - Jazmyn Wentland

Senior Reserve Champ - Taylor Tillman

FFA Grand Champion - Ainsley Carpenter

FFA Reserve Champ - Molly Keller

Overall Fitting & Showing Champion

       - Regan Reedy

Market Class

Grand Champion - Jeshua Dimmick

Reserve Champion - Levi Bouldin


Fitting & Showing

Junior Grand- Ashlynn Blankinship

Junior Reserve- Porter Whitmore

Inter Grand- Kaili Levasseur

Inter Reserve- Sadie Fouts

Senior Grand- Maddilynn Stehlar

Senior Reserve- David Stehlar

FFA Grand- Ethan Earley

FFA Reserve- Gannon Cotter

Overall Fitting & Showing Champion-           

        Maddilynn Stehlar

Market Class

Grand Champion - Porter Whitmore

Reserve Champion - Ashlynn Blankinship

Dairy Goats

Overall Fitting & Showing

Grand Champion - Olya Libenow

Reserve Champion - Reagan Starks

Market Goats

Overall Fitting & Showing

Grand Champion - Matthew Miller

Reserve Champion - Emma Wilson

Market Class

Grand Champion - Olya Libenow


Overall Fitting & Showing

Grand Champion- Ainsley Carpenter

Reserve Champion- Olya Libenow


Overall Fitting & Showing

Grand Champion- Aiden Honshiko

Reserve Champion- Kip Pagac


Overall Fitting & Showing

Grand Champion- Alyssa Starkey

Reserve Champion- Wyatt Langlois


Overall Fitting & Showing

Grand Champion- Aaron Simon

Reserve Champ- Bridget St Amand

Pocket Pets

Grand Champions- 

     Keelynn Curtis

     Logan Simon

     Jasper Marsh

Reserve Champions- 

     Valerie Himlie

     Lillian Daniels


North Country Garden Club Cash Winners

Buddy Bouquet: 

     Alexandria Gustafson & Family - $20

Best Youth Buddy Bouquet:

     Alexandria Gustafson & Family - $10   

Best Marigold Bouquet, Youth: 

     Nehemiah Nokes - $5

Best Overall Arrangement: 

     Leah Johnson - $5

Best Bouquet Youth:

      Alexandria Gustafson  - $5

Most Unusual Veggie, Youth:

      Emma Thomas - $5

Best Tomato Entry, Adult: 

       Kim Ferrell - $5

Best Tomato Entry, Youth: 

        Alexandria Gustafson - $5

Largest Beet All Youth: 

       John Neumiller -  $5  

Largest Zucchini Adult: 

       Kim Ferrell -  $5

Largest Zucchini Youth: 

       Alexandria Gustafson -  $5


       Emma Thomas -  $5


       Roberta Fuge - $5


        Emma Thomas - $5

Best Homegrown Rose Bouquet:

 Loon Lake Special: Leah Johnson­­­­­­­ -  $5

Best Poster, Floral  

      Robyn Porter  $5

Best Poster, Horticulture/Agriculture 

      Haley Ogle - $5

Bi-Mart Awards

Plants on Wheels: Jan Strong -  $20 Gift card

Jan also won People's Choice for her “Flower Bed”

Floral: Nokes Family   $20 Gift card

Veggies : Kim Ferrell   $20 Gift card

2019  Floral Winners

FFA Grand Champion: Gannon Cotter

4H Grand Champions: Alexandria Gustafson

Open Youth Grand Champion: Nehemiah Nokes

Adult Grand Champion: Leah Johnson

Adult Reserve Champion: Sandi Nokes

Fruits and Vegetables Special Ribbons

Superintendents Award: Leah Johnson

Best New Youth: Haley Ogle

Best New Youth: Clayton Pintler for Pumpkin

Outstanding New Exhibitor: ADULT VEG: Marie Layman

Outstanding Youth Exhibit: Emma Thomas for Swiss Chard

2019 Veggies/Fruit Winners

FFA Grand Champion: Gannon Cotter

Open Youth Grand Champion (Fruit): James Peterson

Open Youth Grand Champion (Veggies):  Emma Thomas

Open Youth Reserve Champion (Veggies): Nehemiah Nokes

4H Grand Champion(Fruit) :   Kip Pagac

4H Grand Champion(Veggies) :   

        Margaret St. Amand

4H Reserve Champion(Veggies) : 

       Alexandria Gustafson

Adult Grand Champion(Fruit) : Kim Ferrell

Adult Reserve Champion(Fruit) :         

        Wynona Yarber

Adult Grand Champion(Veggies) : 

        Roberta Fuge

Adult Reserve Champion(Veggies) : 

         Kim Ferrell


2019 People Feature Winners

Age 6 & Under Grand Champion:

      EllaLee White

2019 Creature Feature Winners

Age 6 and Under: Grand Champion:

      Abby Lafley

Reserve Champion: EllaLee White

Age 7-12 Grand Champion and Peoples’ Choice Winner: Gunner Breckner  

Reserve Champion: Ellie Nelson

Age 13 & Older Grand Champion: Christiana Loos

Clothing & Textiles

Lois Major Youth Award-

       Matilda Bates- Knitted Owl

Peoples Choice / BiMart Award

        Alex Gustafson- Black & Gold Dress

        Beverly Allen- Blue Shawl

        Twila Prociw- World Quilt


Washington Wheat Growers Award

     Noelle Glaeser

     Hannah Miller

Quick Bread Grand Champions

     Matilda Bates

     Clayton Pintler

Decorated Cake

   Grand- Alexandria Gustafson

    Reserve- Emma Haney


   Grand- Heidi Neumiller

   Reserve- Haley Neumiller

Bar Cookies-

   BiMart Award- Olya Libenow


    Grand- Colbie Glaeser

    Reserve- Katie Nelson

Funny Face

    Grand- Margaret St Amand

    Reserve- John Neumiller

Chocolate Extravaganza

    Grand- Jan Strong

    Reserve- Colbie Glaeser

Special Award- Margaret St Amand

Fair Theme Cake

   Intermediate Grand- Emma Evers

   Intermediate Reserve- Sadie Fouts

   Novice Grand- Ellalee White

Apple Pie

   Grand- Gunner Breckner

   Reserve- Kim Ferrell

Ice Cream Freeze Off

   1st place- Molly Keller

   2nd place- Eric Keller

   3rd place- Grace Glaeser

Art & Photo


   Open Youth Grand & BiMart Award- 

        Clayton Pintler

   Open Youth Reserve- Devyn Pintler

   4H Youth Grand- Haley Neumiller

   4H Youth Reserve- Haley Neumiller

   Adult Grand- Kim Ferrell

   Adult Reserve- Jenise Miller

Color Photo

   Open Youth Grand- Samantha Fausti

   Open Youth Reserve & Bimart Award- 

         Colin Pfening

   4H Youth Grand- Margaret St Amand

   4H Youth Reserve- Sydney LeVasseur

   Adult Grand- Linda Hjelm

   Adult Reserve- Colleen St Amand

Black & White Photo

   Open / 4H Youth Grand- Colin Pfening

   Open / 4H Youth Reserve- 

      Alexandria Gustafson

   Adult Grand- Linda Hjelm

   Adult Reserve- Linda Hjelm

Crafts & Hobbies

Open Youth Grand- Jacob Fausti

Open Youth Reserve- Ella Cregger

4H Grand- Margaret St Amand

4H Reserve- Jeshua Dimmick

FFA Grand- Hunter Pagac

FFA Reserve- Ainsley Carpenter

Adult Grand- Leah Johnson

Adult Reserve- Isaiah Zerbst

Vintage Tractors

Grand Champion- John Ader, John Deere

Reserve Champion- Beau Stehlar, Ford 2N

Shop / Ag

Grand Champion- David Barth

Fair Book Cover Winner

Haley Neumiller

2020 Royalty

Queen Kaili LeVasseur

Princess Lizzy Addison

Barnyard Olympics

   Youth Division - Gannon Cotter

   Adult Division - John Layman