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Wildflowers and Wagon Wheels ~ August 27-29, 2021!

We are still accepting Fairbook cover entries for next year's fairbook! Next year's theme is "wildflowers and wagonwheels". Please follow rules in the contest section of the fairbook. Entries must be postmarked by November 1st, 2020 to be eligible.
Thankful For
It's officially the holiday season, we had our first snow and everyone is making the last preparations for the long winter months ahead of us.  This year has been one for the history books and every business and organization has been impacted. Our state legislature is looking to reduce or eliminate funding to fairs like ours, it seems that people in big cities don't understand the value that a community fair brings so they aren't seen as necessary. We need your help, we know that the fair has touched so many people in so many ways, we need to know how the fair has impacted you and your family so we can educate our legislature membership on why fairs are important. Even if you no longer show, please help us showcase what you or your family learned and gained via your fair experience.  Please email us at with the things that you are thankful for regarding the fair.

While we are on the topic of being thankful, we all assume that our kids, neighbors, that business that always goes the extra mile for you or your kids teacher know what they mean to you.  But lets be honest, 2020 has been challenging, battering and just down right draining. Don't assume someone knows that you are thankful for the things they do for you, drop by with a plate of cookies, send an email or pull out an old fashioned note card and mail them a note thanking them.  With the short days and lack of interaction due to COVID, make sure you take the time this holiday season to check in on your elderly neighbors and let everyone know that you are thankful for them. Now more than ever, we need to pull together as a community and take care of one another.

And lastly, show your appreciation for local businesses that support not only the fair but all the local teams and everything that makes our little section of the world a community.  Make sure you shop local or instead of heading to Spokane for dinner, check out local restaurants as they support our kids.  Large groups aren't going to be allowed, but no one says you can't setup small dinners with friends from now until New Year's even if you are just settling in for a cup of coffee at one of the local coffee shops to catch up with a friend.  But support our community buy spending closer to home, because without our local businesses; the fair and all the school groups will lose their largest financial backers. Thank you for supporting the fair, for checking in and keeping in touch; we are blessed to have you and hope you pass that on to others in your world.
Fair Meetings
Until 2021, due to COVID and it being cold; the monthly volunteer meetings have been cancelled.  If you have a suggestion or want to contact us, just email as our Board Members are still meeting and making plans for next year.

Support CCF while you shop!

Have you ever wondered how in your busy, busy life you can help the fair? You know that we always ask for volunteers but you just can't make it happen in your schedule.  Well, the good news is as you start to shop for the holidays you can help the fair at the same time!  And, it's easy!  It may take all of 5 mins to set it up and then whenever you help the fair with money! you know you use Amazon and while you may get as much as you can locally to help our economy, the reality is somethings you have to go the web for.  However, if you go to and select the Clayton Community Fair, every time you make a purchase no matter from whom or where, Amazon gives the fair 5% of your purchase price.  Yep, take some cash from Jeff Bezos and send it to the fair.  It may not sound like much but on $100 the fair gets $5.  Now think about how much you, your family and your friends spend on Amazon each year...that is a lot of cash to help us make improvements or pass that cash on to the winners.

But what! There's more!  If you shop at Yokes, you can go to the customer service desk and as for the community support form or its on this page.  Fill it out, turn it in at the customer service desk and they give you a card.  Whenever you shop at Yokes, show them the card and again 5% of your purchase comes back to the fair.  

And you thought you didn't have time to help the fair.  When you can help us in one of the most important ways after 2020, by swiping a card at Yokes or going to when you shop online.  Also, a huge thank you to Yokes for their continued support and making this all possible.

Exhibitor's Highlights

Fall A Time To Take Stock

The days are getting shorter and cooler which means fall is here. Like everything this year, fall is a bit different without volleyball and football games to attend. But fall has always been a favorite season as you start to slow down after the busy summer months. My grandfather always said that fall was the time to prepare for spring.

For many of our exhibitors, his statement is very true. Yes it is how:

* Gardeners - the garden is coming to an end, time to harvest, can and clean up this years plant matter. Time to mulch and turn soil or clean, sharpen and oil much loved tools and store them for the winter. Also, time to do some transplanting, trimming and fall fertilizing. Don't forget the greenhouse, its a lot easier to get ready for spring planting before that white stuff is covering the ground.

* Sewing - this is my favorite time of the year for sewing, cuddly blankets or perfecting skills while making Christmas presents! Fall is the time to look at the people you want to give to, the stock you have on hand and the projects you want to try...combine them for a memorable holiday season. But now is the time to plan. Also, this year especially, don't forget those in need. Talk to the local shelters and food pantries, they may be able to give you a list of things like blankets, throws, mittens, scarves that people in our community could use this winter.

* Chickens & Rabbits - are your pens ready for winter and the predators that will try to get in? How about winter water, do you have your heaters ready? Do you need that heat bulb..did it burn out last year? Do you have bedding material for those long cold winter days and nights?

*Livestock & horse people - well, time to plan for next year's project and figure out where you will get your next animal. But more importantly, tack - though you may not have used it to show this year, its setting in the barn. Fall is a great time to pull out all the tack...does it need repaired? replaced? Does the leather need a good leather soap cleaning and oiling...then coiled nicely and stored so it looks amazing for the next show? How about that saddle...when is the last time you inspected it, cleaned it, oiled it..leather will last a very long time if you care for it. Also, grandma will be calling soon wanting to know what you want for Christmas, so is there something that needs replaced or something you would like to have? Maybe even if she just sews you some bags to put tack in or a cover for that saddle so in spring it won't be all dusty?!?

* Cooking - what is fall and the upcoming holiday season without cooking? Now is the time to take stock of what you have, what you want to try and start trying out recipes. You only have 11 months before you need to have cake decorating or the perfect cookie perfected...start baking!!

Like everything else in 2020, fall will be different but use the time to prepare for spring....and grandma's Christmas list!

Fair Sponsorships Available

Would you like to see your business or family name on one of our buildings? For $300 you will get 4 tickets to the fair, a booth/awning space at your fair location to advertise your business and you can put a sign/banner on the building you are sponsoring. The money from your sponsorship will stay with the building you select to make improvements in that area of the fair. Click here for the form and advertise your business while helping us make things better for our exhibitors. 

Thank you for another successful season!  We hope to see you again next summer.

Volunteer meetings are always the 4th Tuesday of the month 7pm
 Everyone is welcome, please join us!
**Cancelled until 2021**
May thru August- Fairgrounds
 Sept thru April - Pizza Factory

   We need your help!  

The fair is 100% volunteer ran and we need some help with administrative tasks and/or help during the week of the fair watching over the entries.  If you have a few hours or a day to help please contact us!

Do you shop at Yokes Fresh Market? Sign up for their Community Card to earn up to 5% of your purchase for the Clayton Community Fair! Click HERE for your Community Card Application.
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