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Mark your calendars now to come see us,

 Farming in 20/20 Vision ~ August 21, 22 and 23, 2020!

Wow! The Superintendents and Fair Board have been busy, so many updates about the fair already coming available. With all the great information available, please check out the Exhibitor's Corner page which covers as much as possible regarding exhibiting with us at the fair.

Opening Weekend Sunday June 7th

Nothing says summer like a trip to the farmers market and we are happy to say that after a lot of phone calls and working with the Tri-County Health Department we are opening the farmers market on June 7th.  The Clayton Farmers Market and Small Animal Sale is held each Sunday at the fairgrounds from 11 AM - 4 PM through September 27th and is one of the ways the Clayton Community Fair raises the money we need to host the fair and all the activities that happen at the fairgrounds. 

There will be changes this year as we work through the COVID restrictions and some changes to keep the fairgrounds and our visitors safe.  

  • PARKING - This year when you come to the market, you will find the east gate closed - please turn right and head into the main fairgrounds parking lot that we use for the rodeo and the fair. You can see a map of the grounds and the parking here.  You can park along the fence or out in the field and come into the market through the gate near the Green Barn. 
  • CDC Requirements - A condition of holding a farmers market this year is to follow the CDC guidelines.  We will post more details about what this means in the coming weeks as we approach the first market (and as the guidelines change). 

As always, we will have vendors in the building and some outside in tents.  You never know what you will find week by week as the produce that comes to market is based on what is ripe at the vendors, miss a market and you might miss your favorite fruit or vegetables. You can always watch our FaceBook page as Stephanie tries to let people know what is coming as the vendors update her each week.  As more details about changes to the market are available, they will be posted to the FaceBook page and we will update this site as well.

Make sure you wear some good walking shoes as the COVID restrictions mean we will be spacing vendors further apart to keep everyone safe. For those return shoppers, the COVID restrictions also mean we can't have the coffee available (Stephanie is just as bummed about it as you are!) but we can have the punch cards! We will have plenty of smiles (possibly behind masks) and all kinds of market wares to be had. Come check out the market, bring your punch card, tell your friends and come help support these local vendors. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe Resources

It's starting to feel like summer and at least things here are busy, busy! This year has brought us all time at home and like many of you several projects have been completed.  While we have many more projects ahead of us, some of you may be running out of items on your to do list and worst yet...out of ideas to entertain the kids. We are all in this together, so some thoughts on what to do when your out of tricks up your sleeve!

* You Tube if you haven't unleashed the power of this resource, hold your hat!  You can find videos on ANYTHING (and I mean anything so be careful if your kids are searching) - sewing classes, cooking classes, housekeeping classes, livestock showing, livestock judging, etc.  Check out the Good Housekeeping channel on YouTube, like the magazine you can learn about just about anything in the home. Here are some great sewing resources

* Ok not everyone is into livestock and sewing, point taken - try this site for some ideas

Here are some very affordable, no internet required ideas to entertain the little kids to the big kids.

* Colored can bowling - take those cans that you have been recycling and spray paint them different colors (or not).  Get a small ball - you need a smooth surface like a sidewalk or your kitchen floor - line up the cans in a triangle and roll the ball at the cans. Simple affordable bowling.

* Night time bowling - this one needs water bottles and glow sticks.  Put the glow sticks in the water bottles, take the bottles outside in the dark  and line up your bowling...then ball and bowl!

* "Drive In" Movie night - ok this one will cost you some money.  But projectors are really getting more affordable - not promising movie house quality but you can get a projector for under $200 some under $100 that have ports to connect to any HDMI (bluray player or laptop) and a speaker.  Just hang a white sheet from the side of the house or in the garage and queue up a movie..fantastic memories for the kids!

* StayCamping - a spin on the staycation idea  - dig out the tent or pull out the RV and camp out in your own yard! Use the firepit to make some hot dogs and smores and sleep out under the stars.

* Kick Croquet - I have a very active 4 yr old so burning her energy off is a daily challenge. Think dollar store for this one...get about 3 hula hoops and cut them in half.  Stick them into the ground so they make a hoop you can kick a ball through, you need a large ball - now kick the ball through the hoops. Ok yes, you can use this one for tweens as well just don't tell them it was an idea for little kids. 

* Slip and Slide - remember those?  Get a tarp and a sprinkler (one of those cheap yellow ones that lays flat and just throws water in the air). Tarp on ground - sprinkler on top with water running...and instant slip and slide. 

*Inflatable pool/stock tank - if you don't want to risk going to the lake or just need a swimming solution since pool access is going to be limited.  Look at a cheap inflatable pool (you can get them at Bi-Mart!) or if you have stock get a new stock tank and fill it with water...might not be able to swim but you can at least get wet and have a glass of your favorite beverage...maybe while watching a movie.

* Hay Bale Pool - say what? Yeah I found this little gem, you line up hay bales in a square or rectangle - two high - put some loose hay in between.  Then you need a tarp that can fit over the four sides and down into the bottom...and then fill with water.  Hay if nothing else, its a project for the teens that will  get them out of your hair for awhile!

* Water Balloon Pinata - just like it sounds - fill water balloon - hang from the branches of a tree - get a stick and enjoy. This one might be a great stress relief for all ages.

* Angry birds - take the boxes from all your online orders and stack them up - get some green ballons and draw some eyes on them (the pigs) and put them in some of the boxes. Some dollar store balls and tada the real life angry birds game. 

* Garden - yep summer and garden even if you just get some pots and plant a tomato or use pots for other plants. Your kids can watch them grow and then eat the rewards. Keep in mind we do have a horticulture contest so you can bring your produce to the fair and win a ribbon! Bring your flowers too, Gayle loves to see lots of flowers in August.

There are so many things you can do, have the kids build something out of legos and bring it to the fair. Do some baking and perfect something to bring to the fair - another ribbon possibility. Don't forget the simple things as well - a kite from the dollar store on a windy day is so much fun for kids or bubbles - you know everyone loves bubbles.

We can and we will get through this! Stay home! Wash your hands! And we will see you at the fair.

Fundraising Dinner - Postponed to Sept 11th

Please save a new date to come have dinner with us and support the fair.  With the COVID restrictions our annual early summer fundraising dinner has been postponed from June 5th to September 11th.  We hope to see you there for some good food, good friends and a great cause.

If you would like to support our fair, before then; you can donate your time or mail us a donation:

Clayton Community Fair

PO Box 449

Clayton, WA 99110

COVID 19 Updates

This year has turned out to be a challenging event in history and the Fair Board has been and continues to monitor the guidance of the governor's office and the Department of Health. The reality is that no one knows with absolute certainty what August will bring, we barely know what the end of May will bring.  But we know that livestock projects have started or need to be started now and that soon our sewing entrants will be selecting their projects, we are taking the time and money spent on these projects into consideration.

As of May 15th here are the updates:

* The Fair Board is planning as if the CCF will take place as scheduled. 

* Our partners at the Clayton Pro West Rodeo are also planning for a summer of fun and are assuming that while we may all be in masks to attend and standing/sitting 6 ft apart that the rodeo will move forward.

But at the same time, the Fair Board and the various Superintendents are looking at ways to hold a "modified" fair should the COVID crisis not be controlled to a level that would allow for the fair to go on like normal. Some departments assume they will have record breaking entries as everyone has had so much time at home to work on projects. 

In the end, it is up to you the entrant to decide if you want to risk the possibility that the fair this year may end up like the Junior Livestock Show with a possibility of the CCF being a virtual show. There are no guarantees and as we have all seen, things can change almost over night.  Until we know more, we are planning to proceed as normal but will update everyone as soon as we know if that approach needs to change.

We appreciate your understanding and know that these times are very frustrating, we all hope that by August we are back to normal and can see everyone at the fair!

Exhibitor's Highlights

Quilt Block Challenge - Quilts of Valor

This year we will be partnering with Quilts of Valor to create a quilt for a service member or veteran who has been touched by war.  All blocks submitted will be used to create a quilt and then it will be given to honor a military member. For more information, check out our Exhibitors Corner page. 

UPDATE: Since we continue to be sheltering at home for at least almost half of the year - is it possible that our handy sewing community could create 2020 blocks? While only 3 can be judged, if you have the time and material let's help Quilts of Valor give out even more quilts this year. If you can't sew, but know someone who does maybe offer to buy the fabric and they can swap labor for materials?

Parking, Camping and Trailer Parking

Did you know that there are designated areas for parking your livestock trailer, your RV and your car when you are at the fair?  The same parking scheme is used for the rodeo (with the exception of stock trailers) and the farmers markets. 

When you come to join us for an event, parking should be done in lines going north and south.  The row of parking next to the fence (that runs east to west) is for handicapped visitors or are reserved parking as the signage indicates. Everyone else should park no more than 2 cars deep in lines running north to south. Why? because we can fit more cars into the parking lot if we all park going north to south. 

Also, please remember fire lane spacing - our fire department needs at least 8 ft passages to get those large trucks to any area of the fair should a fire break out or an emergency response be needed.  It is NOT okay to just park on the edge and reduce the fire lanes!! 

Please check out the new fairgrounds map for more details.  We love to see everyone at our events, we just ask that you keep in mind your fellow drivers ability to get in and out as well as our fire department's ability to get in to help us keep everyone safe.

Fair Parking Attendants - Donation

if you were at the fair Friday and Saturday last year you know what a zoo the parking lot was. We usually have a group help park cars for the rodeo in which we give them a donation and would like to do the same for the fair. We need a group or two - (one to do each day) to park cars Friday August 21st and Saturday August 22nd mornings from 7 till 10:30-11. We would want to meet with you the week of fair to go over final details.

If you would like more details you can message this page or send us an email at

Grab your punch card and your friends because the Clayton Farmers Market is back each Sunday from 11-4 starting June 7th. There will be changes this year as we comply with the COVID rules but we hope to see you and all our essential vendors at the fairgrounds starting June 7th.

Volunteer meetings are always the 4th Tuesday of the month 7pm
 Everyone is welcome, please join us!

May thru August- Fairgrounds
 Sept thru April - Pizza Factory
**Due to Coronavirus we are unable to meet until the lockdowns are lifted.  If you would like to volunteer, have a question or feedback, you can email us at ***

   We need your help!  

The fair is 100% volunteer ran and we need some help with administrative tasks and/or help during the week of the fair watching over the entries.  If you have a few hours or a day to help please contact us!

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