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The Bloomin' Good Thyme is just around the corner on August 23rd, 24th & 25th! 

We hope to see everyone come out to support our local talent as they show off their hard work. Entry to the fair is just $3 per person (unless your under 5 then your free) and free parking.  Come see the car show, get some fair food or buy a freezer full of meet during our Livestock Auction on Saturday at 3PM.  We have free Home Depot kits for the kids to build throughout the days, vendors with amazing things to sell, games, crafts,  and lots of things to do. Friday night starting at 4 PM enjoy a horse show in the arena or come out Saturday night around 7:30 PM for a free movie (with a paid entrance to the fair). 

Bring the kids, your friends and neighbors but please, leave your pets at home.

Fair Setup & Entry Arrival Schedule

For anyone new to the Clayton Community Fair, the address is 4616 Wallbridge in Clayton, WA.  You will come off Hwy 395 onto Wallbridge, go past Deer Park Diesel and the east gate is right in front of you. To get to the main parking lot, please take a right turn at the east gate and proceed to the grass field where parking is available. The ticket booth is located about half way down the fence line. To locate the barn where your exhibit will end up, check out our map.

Some key dates that you need to remember regarding receiving of entries. 

  •  August 18th Sunday - Pen Setup 
  • 3 p - Hog, Goats, Sheep - (the middle barn on the gravel drive along the south side of the fair grounds) 
  • 3 p - Beef/Dairy - (the red barn along the gravel road on the south side of the fairgrounds)
  • 4 p - rabbits, poultry & exotics - (the farthest west barn on the gravel road on the south side of the fairgrounds)
  • if you are showing any of these animals, we will see you at the fairgrounds for pen setup.
  • DP FFA Members - meet at the high school at 2:15 pm to load up then you will come to the fairgrounds. 
  • Please remember when parking that other exhibitors need to get to the barns to the west and we need to maintain a fire lane at all times! Feel free to park in the main parking lot and walk over to the barns - because you will be doing that the three days of the fair (remember to bring a wheelbarrow for feed during the fair). 
  • August 19th - Monday
  • Hay Kings - 8 a - 1p drop off your 2 bales per lot at the north side of the livestock barn. See the fairbook for details.
  • August 20th - Tuesday
  • Noon - Welcome Deer Park Chamber!! Please use the main parking lot and enter through the ticket booth area. Lunch will be in the eating area to your right as you enter.
  • 2 - 8p - bring in Sewing, Craft, Specialized Projects, Culinary Art, Artwork & Photography to the Green barn - park in the main parking lot and bring your items in through the ticket booth.
  • 4:30- 8p - Educational posters to the Green barn - park in the main parking lot and bring your items in through the ticket booth.
  • August 21st - Wednesday
  • 3p Horse Stall Decorating - park in the main parking lot and proceed to the barn behind the wooden barn toward the arena.
  • 1-7p bring in Floral, Veggies and Horticulture exhibits to the old wooden barn - park in the main parking lot and bring your items in through the ticket booth.
  • August 22nd - Thursday
  • 9 a - Dog setup - park in the main parking lot, proceed to the north side portion of the old wooden barn.
  • 9-12p - Floral, Veggies & Horticulture exhibits to the old wooden barn - park in the main parking lot and bring your items in through the ticket booth.
  • 9-5:30p Creature Features (to the old wooden barn) & Horse Pen Decorating (the blue barn beyond the old wooden barn toward the arena)
  • 2-8p - Tractors & Shop/Ag entries arrive - use the main gate or if you can, come through the gate on the east end near the main parking lot. You can all 509.822.1399 to setup a time earlier in the day if needed.
  • 2p-7p - Main Floor Exhibits set in place - green barn, please park in the main parking lot and come through the ticket booth.
  • 2-8p Vendor Setup - please use the gate on the east end near the main parking lot - the other east gate will be busy after 3 pm with livestock check in.
  • 5p Beef & Hog Check In & Market weigh in - main gate off Wallbridge - follow directions given for weigh in and tagging which must occur BEFORE you stall your animal(s).
  • 6:30p - Goats, Sheep, Rabbits, Poultry, all animals Check In & Market Weigh in  - main gate off Wallbridge - follow directions given for weigh in and tagging which must occur BEFORE you stall your animal(s).
  • Your quality assurance form must be filled out, with your animal at check in.  All animals must be tagged and weighed BEFORE you stall them. Forms are on page 137 of the fairbook - you can download the fairbook from the button above and print the form you need or go to the forms page and print it from there.
  • NOTE: Please do NOT block the road into the main fair parking lot as you wait for livestock check in, as we have other exhibitors who need to access the fair grounds! If you can, please come down Dahl Rd to Wallbridge heading north as the road is longer.  Patience is key everyone, we have a lot moving in all at once and every animal must be checked, weighed and tagged. But our vendors also need in as do other types of exhibits. Please follow requests made by the Fair Board and Volunteers as we get everyone ready for the fair - literally all at once.
  • August 23rd - Friday
  • 7:30-10 AM Exhibitors under 18 can get a free breakfast at the Grange booth (north side of the gazebo).  Breakfast is available for purchase for anyone else that is interested.
  • 8 AM Barns/Exhibits need to be ready for the day.
  •  8 AM The Bloomin' Fun Thyme Begins! Additional information regarding each day at the fair will be posted on the website during the fair.  Until then, please refer to the fairbook for judging times and all the information you need. 
  • 8:30 AM Judging Begins for:                          Swine Market Class                                  Rabbit Meat Pen weigh in                      Benched dogs check in                            Poultry Meat Pen weigh in

We will see you soon!

Come check out the Clayton Farmers Market

Sundays from 11 to 4  June 2 through October 8th (except for August 25th - come see us at the fair!)

Just A Reminder 

While your exhibitor gets into the fair for free; parents, grandparents, siblings over 5 years old and spectators alike need to pay the daily gate fee of $3/person. Stop by either of the ticket booths on your way into the fair grounds, anyone not adhering to this policy will have to leave for the remainder of the day.

Have you ever wanted to be a Queen,King, Prince or Princess?  We are looking for Ambitious, Fun Loving girls to run for the 


You will be involved in a lot of fun activities (Parades, Fairs, Rodeos, Community Events, etc).

The candidates must enter an exhibit in the current fair in any department and be entering grades 8th - 11th. If interested, please contact us at

Exhibitor's Corner

The fair is finally here, soon all your hard work will be put on display and then you will have memories and ribbons to show for it. Congratulations on the work you have put in so far, get all your show gear gathered up and ready to go as we are a week away from your livestock and your exhibits coming to fair grounds. The time you spend getting ready now will help reduce the stress and anxiety of coming to the fair. Don't forget the little things like a way to get feed and water to the barn, having a second set of shoes for showing or a rag for cleaning up your boots to put your best foot forward in the ring.  Ask for help if you need it, your barn superintendents are here to keep everyone safe and judging on schedule; but they have been in your shoes so ask questions if you need help.  Ask a fellow exhibitor, watch the classes before you so you can learn from them both their mistakes and their tricks. And remember, not everyone will go home with a grand champion ribbon but everyone will learn and make memories. It doesn't matter what the color of the ribbon is, you got a ribbon because you put in the work and showed up when so many did not. Learn from this year's challenges and mistakes to improve your showmanship for next year. 

We know you enjoy coming to the fair to see the animals and watch the kids show.  Did you know that these kids have been working for months raising the animal, caring for it and training it to walk/stand in the show ring? It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to enter the ring and it's only possible if the kid has the resources to purchase their project.  How can you help? Simple, by purchasing an animal during the Livestock Auction

Aug 24th @ 3 PM.  

Even though the kids love their animal, at the end of the fair most of the livestock has to be sold. The kids receive the money to put toward their future project or their future. It truly is a win - win proposition as they benefit from the funds to put toward a future project and you get quality, homegrown meat to put in your freezer (or give away as gifts or to the local food bank). For more information, check out our Market Animal brochure.  We hope to see you and your cash during the auction.

   We need your help!  

The fair is 100% volunteer ran and we need some help with administrative tasks and/or help during the week of the fair watching over the entries.  If you have a few hours or a day to help please contact us!

Please take time to thank our many sponsors that have ads in our fairbook, without them none of this is possible.  This week's thanks go to:

Classic Cafe & Coffee House

Concrete, Etc.

H&R Block

Deer Park Printing

Sunshine Disposal & Recycling

St Mary Presentation Catholic Church

Ryan Moore - Edward Jones

Mt Spokane Dental

Will Rogers Saddle Co.

Whorrall's Barber Shop

CHAS Health


Greg Miller DDS

Deer Park Magazine

North Vista Rentals

American Way Collision Center

Earl Insurance Agency

Gail Johnson - State Farm

Windermere Real Estate

Haute Paws Grooming

Bob Mart

Tri-County Christian Center

Janelle Lakman, LMT

Acceleration Therapy Services

The Independent

Chewelah Mailboxes & More

Linda Schoening - Real Estate Marketplace

Double Eagle Pawn


Oriental Market

Hair We Are Inc.

Maw Phin Thai Cuisine

Little Blessings Christian School & Childcare

Deer Park Lube

Endurable Energy

NAPA Auto Parts

Pat's Pumps

Deer Park Auto Body

1st Street Grill

Julie Becker - Churchill Mortgage

Franklin Accounting & Tax Service

Volunteer meetings are always the 4th Tuesday of the month 7pm Everyone is welcome, please join us!
May thru August- Fairgrounds
 Sept thru April - Deer Park City Hall

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