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Wildflowers and Wagon Wheels ~ August 27-29, 2021!

The fair books are now available!!  
  • All entries are due by August 9th, post marks must be by July 31st.  Please remember that you need a separate form per member of your household.  Only forms with payment will be entered, space in each category is limited, and available on a first come/paid, first serve basis.
  • This year we switched to all open class - you will not find specific classes for 4H or FFA - it will be based on age/type of project.
  • Green Barn Exhibitors - (Sewing, Craft, Specialized Projects, Culinary Art, Art & Photography, Educational Posters) your entries will be accepted August 17th (week prior to the fair).  The Green Barn will be closed for entries on August 25th at 9 AM - Judging will begin in the Green Barn at 9 AM August 25th.
Livestock Entrants 
  • August 3rd - Bred, Born & Ewe Lamb entrants are due, please see page 94
  • August 22nd - 3 pm if you are showing: hogs, sheep, goats, beef/dairy pen setup - you are required to help! 
  • August 22nd - 4pm if you are showing rabbits or poultry - barn setup you are required to help!
  • For market livestock, please review and complete the Health Check for your species PRIOR to arriving at the fair grounds for animal check in. 
  • Herdsmanship - page 105-107 of the fair book outlines what you should ensure is happening with your livestock during the fair.  Failure to adhere to the guidelines will forfeit your award money, as will failure to be on time for barn duty.
  • Space in the barns is limited, we have a lot of interest this year so complete your entrance form and submit it along with your payment ASAP to secure your slot.  There are no guarantees that we can accommodate everyone that wants to show at the fair.
  • Livestock sale is Saturday August 28th @3 pm - YOU NEED TO FIND BUYERS! Please do your best to sell your animal prior to the fair and reach out to people to get more bidders for the livestock sale.  Failure to work on pre-selling your market livestock may end up getting you the going rate for butcher prices. 
Vendor Information
If you would like to be a vendor, you can look at pages 92/93 for more information, you can also get the forms from our forms page. 

Tournament of the Inland Empire 2021 - August 7th & 8th

This summer plan on taking in the spirit of mid-evil times right at the Clayton Community fairgrounds. One of the most popular events held at the CCF is the Tournament of the Inland Empire, there will be jousting, archery and swordplay August 7th and 8th. Mark your calendars to take in all the excitement. Come support these local talented jousters, archers and broadswords. Events begin at 2 PM and end at 10 PM - tickets are available at the event for $10 - kids under 6 are free. Vendors will be onsite for dining needs.

Do you have a kid that needs community service hours for graduation? Is your group looking for a way to give back to the community?  We have some easy projects around the grounds to get ready for all of our events.  Some of the things we need help with include:

* Staining 3 sets of bleachers at the arena

* Weed pulling, tree trimming

If you have time and can help out please call 276-2444 for details.

Volunteers Needed

Everything that happens at the fairgrounds is done through the donation of time and sweat of volunteers. This year, we once again need to ask people to step up and help around the grounds and for the fair.  Here are some things we need help with:

* Watering Crew - There is a lot of grass out there - we need people to go to the grounds in the morning and turn on the water sprinklers - that's it just turn the water on.  We also need people to go out mid-day to turn off those sprinklers, move them to a different location and turn them on again.  We water the grounds in the heat daily, so we need some help to ensure the grounds look great for the fair, the rodeo and all the weddings that occur on our grounds.

* Mowing & Weed Eating - Grass and buildings means mowing and weed eating, we need people to help weed eat or pull weeds from the flower beds. You can come out in the morning or the evening for a couple of hours a day, a week or a month - we just need help with the upkeep.

* Green Barn Monitors - The Green Barn hosts our textiles, projects, displays, photography and cooking divisions.  There are a lot of hand made items in the barn that need someone to watch over them during the fair to ensure they don't get damaged or lost.  We need people to volunteer for a day or a few hours whatever works for your schedule August 27, 28 and 29th to just hang out in the green barn and watch over the exhibits - chairs are available. 

If you can help with the grounds work please contact Dwayne at 509.276.5136 and he will walk you through what needs to be done.  For Green Barn volunteers, please contact Meeghan Ware at 509.710.1601 and she can tell you all about this opportunity.

The next time you come to the grounds, check out our new ticket booth and entrance sign.  Our volunteers have been busy in the past year moving  and updating the entrance to the fairgrounds. We strive to keep our agricultural roots alive and well in the Clayton & Deer Park area.  If you would like to help us in that mission, we are always looking for volunteers.

Fair Meetings
If you would like to learn more about the fair or volunteer, the monthly meetings are back! Come out the 4th Tuesday of the month - we will see everyone at the fairgrounds starting in May.  Don't worry, September sees us back at the Pizza Factory!

Clayton Pro West Rodeo 

Thank you to everyone that came out for the rodeo, your gate fee helps fund the fair premiums paid to our exhibitors during the fair. A special thank you to the rodeo sponsors and of course the volunteers that do everything from collecting money, collecting trash, maintaining the beer garden, running and helping competitors and spectators with parking.  We could not hold the rodeo without these sponsors and volunteers, so once again - Thank you!!

2022 Fair Royalty

Have you ever considered becoming a member of the fair royalty? You get to represent the CCF at local events and let people know about our fair. If you are currently in the 8th - 11th grade and would like to be a part of history, please fill out and return the Royalty Application found in the FairBook or on the forms page.  

Exhibitor's Highlights

Horse Department Council Volunteers Needed

Running all the horse related events at the fair is a big job, we thank Naomi for her diligence and hard work the last few years.  But with everything that has to be done, we are looking for volunteers to be a part of a Horse Department Council.  The members of this group would be responsible for coordinating and running the horse department during the fair. For more details and to volunteer please email us at 

Scholarship Applications

Calling all 2020 Seniors!  It's time to get your application from the fairbook and get it turned in to be considered for our annual scholarship. You have to have exhibited at the CCF at least once, please check the application for more details.

Let's face it, the holidays are over but it is still easier to shop online and have things shipped to home. While your staying from the craziness of our world, make sure you go to and select the Clayton Community Fair as your designated charity.  Every time you shop, Amazon sends us a little cash.  It may not sound like a lot but every penny helps and all you have to do is make sure you shop at not't worry, once you set us as your charity, Amazon will ask if you want to complete the purchase under  

Fair Sponsorships Available

Would you like to see your business or family name on one of our buildings? For $300 you will get 4 tickets to the fair, a booth/awning space at your fair location to advertise your business and you can put a sign/banner on the building you are sponsoring. The money from your sponsorship will stay with the building you select to make improvements in that area of the fair. Click here for the form and advertise your business while helping us make things better for our exhibitors. 


Markets are each Sunday 11 - 4 except August 29th through the first of Oct.  Don't forget to get your punch card, purchase from 10 different vendors and you get a gift.

Volunteer meetings are always the 4th Tuesday of the month 7pm
 Everyone is welcome, please join us!
May thru August- Fairgrounds
 Sept thru April - Pizza Factory

   We need your help!  

The fair is 100% volunteer ran and we need some help with administrative tasks and/or help during the week of the fair watching over the entries.  If you have a few hours or a day to help please contact us!

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